Whole30: Days 18 through 21

There is no data recorded during Whole30.  No counting calories on a small notebook tucked under important paperwork in the office.  No scale watching.  No visits to Bed Bath & Beyond to test drive a new scale. No sneak trips to the Doctor’s office just so the nurse can give you a weigh.  No trying on every pair of pants for a before-n-after comparison.  No Excel pivot tables with accompanying pie charts spitting out trend analysis of macro nutrient consumption.  No spinning through back entries of your FitBit with a ‘those-were-the-days’ reflections on when you once collected such data.  No measuring tapes, no more Google-calorie-food-checks, because the management of food data has been handed over to the Internal Affairs Department.

While I’m sticking to the Whole30 rules, I confess it feels wrong to hand the food-management-keys to the Body-Managers, shutting down the need to measure-by-numbers.  However, after 21 days of body-self-regulation -the experience has been liberating.

I would have not imagined that I would ever reach a time where my thoughts were not managed by food.  I eat what I like.  I eat as much as I like. I eat plenty of healthy-fats, the vegetables no longer ‘go bad’ in the back of the fridge, and fruits have become sweet-treat-indulgences.  Not once do I think about calories. Somehow, I don’t overeat.   Somehow, I manage to last a good 5-6 hours before I think about another feeding.  Surprisingly, I’m not even curious about the scale.   No more evening snacks.  No more cravings for sugary treats.  I have lost weight – because that’s how it feels.  I don’t know how much, but I do know that I am running with less pavement-pounding, my knees bend with less joint pain, that back problem is past tense and I sleep a blissful 8 hours a night.

If it is true that ‘you are what you eat’ — I am now a cross between broccoli, avocados and a bottle of olive oil, and have come to appreciate that my body is wholly capable at calculating exactly what it needs.  Nine more days ’til hubby and I reach Whole30!

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