Whole30: Days 16 and 17

I love spending time in the produce aisle.  I get to discover foods I’ve never consumed before, and make friends with workers unpacking the latest deliveries.  I ask them questions, lots of questions, because Produce is my new Grocery-Home.

‘Where might the mushrooms be hiding?’ and the men in the navy blue jumpsuits wearing wide back-braces stop unpacking melons and walk me to a crate of mushrooms just in from the back-room.   I stare at the oh-so-many mushroom varieties, contemplating my needs before deciding my cart is too small.  I return back, with a 5 wheel-jumbo-tron-cart and begin stocking up on mushrooms.  ‘How are the grapefruit these days?’ and the kindly-produce-mates find me dozens of these treats.  Life is merry surrounded by veggies,  and fruits.  The jumbo-tron cart fills with 4 heads of cauliflower, 5 large bags of broccoli, 5 containers of multi-colored tomatoes and why stop there when avocados are on sale — ten for ten dollars?   We’ve morphed into farm animals.

Two days of observations:

  • Tart is the new Sweet:   My taste buds have decided that rhubarb, lemons and grapefruit are just overloaded with sweet.   As a kid, m’Mum would have us add sugar — to which I happily obliged.   Now, I’m wondering if these foods oh-natural are too-sweet for my system?
  • My hair has that Farrah Fawett bounce-n-shine.  OK, just kidding — tho had you for a moment!  There is a noticeable difference in softness and shine, but let’s keep the expectations real.
  • Sleep roller-coaster:   One night was a toss-n-turner, followed by 10 hours out cold.  The Whole30 Day-by-Day book has some thoughts on this — and the way I read into these fluctuations is that every day is not nirvana-plus-one, but overall, the health trend-line points upward.
  • Weight:   I have no idea because the rules of this program is to avoid that ONE marker that can set your mood into happyland or to the dungeon.  The idea is to focus on staying aware of all of the other body changes — good and bad.   And, I like this holistic model far better than the scale.
  • Hunger:  I forgot to eat my lunch yesterday.  Got busy with work, apparently not consumed with feeding thoughts, apparently not hungry  and looked at my watch only to find it was dinner-time.  What’s the big deal?   Never. Ever. Ever.  Have I missed a meal.  Simply, satiated.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for more.   Closing in on the 20 day marker!

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