Whole30: Days 11-15

Hard to imagine hubby and I have managed to eat ‘whole’ for a whopping 15 days.  We spend a LOT more time in the kitchen prepping and cooking, and many-many dishes are used in the process, with a dishwasher constantly filled.  Gone are the days of a quick sugary snack, gone are the days of mindless eating, gone are the dips in energy, and all our thoughts point to how to get creative with our next meal.

I made the mistake of taking a shortcut through the grocery store to find the produce perimeter.   As I walked through the ‘breakfast aisle’ — stocked with mini-frosted-what-nots, pop tarts slathered in white drizzle, stacks of boxes for pancakes, muffins and waffles — I couldn’t help but to break out into a run.  OMG – I’ve developed a foodie-attitude!   Not that I was tempted.  Oh no.  The foods, rather the boxes of chemicals, horrified me.  Relief waved over me as I arrived in Produce, and selected fresh zucchini, portabella mushrooms and ginger.  No more shortcuts!

While I’m on the topic of food, when selecting meats — be sure to read the labels.  Surely the mega-food-conglomerates wouldn’t put sugar into chicken?   I have found that they do.  So if you are thinking Whole30 and diving-whole — scrutinize every label, especially those you would never suspect.

So, let’s catch up.  Over the weekend before my half-marathon run, I ate a mini-breakfast of sausage, potatoes and spinach.  This would be my first long distance (over 10 miles) without the aid of sugary power bars and goos.  At mile 6, a hydration and fuel stop — bananas were available.  I downed a half-bana while running and was pleasantly surprised it didn’t come back at me.   Felt a tad hungry at mile 10 and took a swig of my specially prepared banana-strawberry-pear-almond-butter drink, and that satisfied me long enough to reach mile 12, where one more bite of the bana got me to the finish.    At the end, I felt fantastic.  Another few bana-bites and energy levels couldn’t be better.

After running one of these events, the rest of the day would typically be consumed with – downtime.    Nope.  Too much energy for that.  Whipped out the vacuum and mop and began cleaning the house for the next few hours.   Wait — but now I’ll be tired, right?   Nope.  Lets tackle several loads of laundry and why not even go all out and fold the clean clothes?

What about the next day?  Usually, my next day post long-run is consumed with — you guessed it, more downtime.  Not anymore.  Up bright an early, out for a slow-jog, got that mop back out to fix a few missed spots, and head for the computer to start the work day.

What about hunger?   I’m no longer hungry every hour, and when I do get hungry – I peek at the clock with a ‘woaah — it’s been 5 hours since our last feeding?’ type of revelation, and off to the kitchen I go preparing my next meal.

Did that back pain really go away?   It sure did.  Remember that coincidental moment a week ago — where suddenly my back pain of 2 months suddenly disappeared?   It is still gone.  Did not appear during my half-marathon run, did not appear after — it is just gone.  We can still call this a strange coincidence, or a testament to my amazing massage therapist, or perhaps some combination.   According to my Whole30 tips and tricks book — which arrived yesterday (yes, Day 14) — and right there in the big print of benefits — people lose their back pain.   Has something to do with avoiding inflammatory foods.  I wouldn’t have believed it from the print alone — but my experiences plus 3 sessions of massage nix any doubt.

Overall, I’m discovering a new happy-place.  My food choices seem to be nourishing my mood, and while I want to say that I think this food experiment is akin to finding one’s fountain-of-youth — I can  say I’m feeling an energy level from years-gone-by.   Stay tuned for more.

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