Whole30: Days 7 through 10

To much relief, there is a calm after the storm.   The broccoli is no longer brawling with the grapefruit,  the unusual body tremors have subsided, the days of blank stares & delayed responses to ‘how is it going?’ are over, and everything seems to have settled onto one big discovery.   My prior Whole30 food choices weren’t as healthy as I once thought.

I admit, I began this experiment with an attitude.  I already eat healthy, I told myself.  This won’t be hard.  I’m a marathon runner, and when I’m not, I’m an exercise junkie.  Of course I eat healthy, I explained to anyone who wondered why I took on Whole30.

The Oz behind my curtain has been exposed.  I can say with certainty, after 10 days of eating only whole foods, my prior selections had strayed to the center of the grocery store.  The processed aisles.  All while my happy-state of denial, roamed the perimeter.

It was evident based on the detox days of 4-7 that my body fought the vegetables, the fruits, the nuts, the proteins.   By losing the sugar, the dairy, the processed foods (i.e. afternoon chocolate), the corn, the who-knows-what that lurked in labels that I never scrutinized — this transformation to whole wasn’t easy-peasey for my gut.   The notion that my body revolted against eating only WHOLE foods, was a bit of an awakening.

But, here we are, Day 10.  Some of my health observations up to this point include:

  • I tire more easily while running.  Likely due to no carb-bars and goos to keep me going.   Thus, I needed to figure out what to carry in my fuel belt.  Short of toting a luggage bag of bananas, walnuts and dried fruit, I have a new strategy for tomorrow’s half marathon.    I added an assortment of pears, apples, bananas and almonds into the food processor, then poured the mix into the dehydrator for 6 hours.   It tastes amazing.  We’ll see if the results are of sufficient fuel to get me across the finish line.
  • I’ve been an insomniac for so long I don’t even know what it’s like to sleep the night.  Until now.  I’m on my personal record — 5 nights of glorious sleep in a row.   I wake up rested.  It is such a delicious feeling to no longer need caffeine jolts to keep the lights on.
  • Now, I have no idea if this has anything to do with Whole30, but hear me out.  Two months ago, I picked up a heavy container and strained a back muscle.  It has been steadily getting worse, and I’ve only just begin massage therapy.   Worse to the point, that until this week, I had been considering putting a pause on my running and bicycling.  Every morning, the pain is bad.  Hurts when I sit.  Hurts when I move.  Until 3 days ago.  The pain is  gone.   Just gone.  (I’m sure my massage therapist will find it lurking somewhere!) I have no explanation.  Could it have anything to do with removing inflammatory foods from my diet?  Did the massage treatments work their magic?  I have no idea, so just putting it out there under ‘strange coincidences’.
  • Whole foods taste REALLY good.  This has a lot to do with hubby changing our cookware on Day 6 from ho-hum-scrape-the-scum Teflon-gone-bad pans to cast-iron skillets — extremely heavy pans constantly lathered in coconut oil.   But, the point is — the cookware change made a dramatic difference in how foods taste — and it is clear that my taste buds have awakened.

Stay tuned for the next editions!

Days 1-4
Days 5-6




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