Day 5
I expected to awake with the fairy godmother sprinkling more of that rose dust over my health food journey.    Today, however, she was out helping other customers.

Let’s just say that the Basement Department was in an all-hands (microbe speaking) food-fight.  The cherry tomatoes and cauliflower threw Ali-like punches, the melons and strawberries were no longer team players, and everyone was trying to convince the Top-Floor Penthouse that a little chocolate would bring peace to the revolt.

I was tempted to oblige but thought why can’t we be friends, get in a 10 mile run, and perhaps the lo-country food critics will settle.  That brought about much consternation and disruption and negotiations kept the route VERY close to home.

The rest of the day was spent trying to console the dungeon that things would get better, starting with a ‘pain is necessary’ chat, reasoning this was part of the cleanse process, and  likely many years of less-than-Whole eating patterns had met their match from an onslaught of fruits and veggies.

While the day had it’s challenges:  there were no lapses, no chocolate, no itsy-bitsy-spoonful’s of sugar in my coffee, and no parmesan cheese for my life-less omelet.

Day 6:
The basement revolt continues, but there was no time to placate their bad-attitude, as I had to join up with 2500 other runners for a 10K race in the wee hours.   A quick executive meeting with the body-snatchers and all agreed that the girl should get her run on.

A 40 degree day with 15 mph winds from the north put the real feel into the 30’s and while I was preoccupied with ‘can’t we all just get along’, I forgot to check the weather stats.   Which turned out to be a good diversion from Wholly-Are-You-Kidding-Me-30-Days-Of-This?

At the finish line, I was greeted with granola bars, goos, and pasta styled breakfasts and had to wonder what gives with the running community and their obsession with sugar?   The Basement Crew begged for a taste, and just then I found a banana.   I heard a collective groan, and we braced for impact.

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