[Political Parody, in case this needed to be said.]

Rosie O’Dare, a Senior Meteorologist at the National Weather Service accidentally uncovers the agenda behind the Make Weather Great Again Initiative.   Her role as a storm chaser and weather scientist is recast to one of a graphics editor — PhotoShopping radar images of epic storms into Sunny-Day PowerPoints — for storms targeting Resistance Cities. 

Rosie’s REAL Weather models predicts a Cat 6 Hurricane — never before recorded — heading for Philadelphia.  Millions could perish in the next 72 hours.  Appalled by The Party’s weather initiative, Rosie joins The ResistanceNet — a network of  Truth-Tellers and Scientists, labeled ‘terrorists’ by The Party — in hopes of alerting Philadelphians before this never-before-seen Cat 6 Hurri-geddon arrives.

While the State-owned media tweets golf scores and great-again sunny skies, Rosie undermines The Party’s Weather Initiative, pits sympathetic meteorologists against her State planted-boyfriend-and-boss, and risks her life exposing the Real Weather while under the shadow of the FBEye.

[Stay tuned, for more.]