Making the best of February….

Snow Angels!
Snow Angels!

Somewhere in February, the arctic air took over Maryland.  With temperatures in single digits and winds that put the “real feel” even colder, my exercise wardrobe morphed from running tights and windbreaker jackets to ski parkas, ski pants, sheep lined boots, and goggles.   And no, I wasn’t skiing.

I “get it” that my neighbors north of Maryland – are faring much worse.  I can’t even begin to feel their frozen pain.  Yet for 2015, Maryland has become ‘one’ with Canada.  Can’t we just start an early spring?  But no.  That little groundhog from Pennsylvania (Phil) had other plans…

I wasn’t ready to cave on my routines, but February had other plans.  There was only one choice.  Making the best of February…

  • Healthy foods in the form of cold smoothies have lost their charm
  • Yum – comfort foods!!
  • Need for endorphins increased from being cooped up indoors
  • Pent up endorphins require 2 trips per day to the Indoor swimming pool — for swim or aqua runs
  • Discovered a new sport: Tundra technical hiking (wearing all the ski clothing) and stumbling over crusty ice-snow chunks
  • Discover that you break into a sweat just putting on all the ski clothing
  • Learned to leave the Garmin at home….got used to not going anywhere fast
  • Let the Garmin battery die.   Leave it that way.  It needs a rest.
  • Learn how to jump rope wearing mittens and boots
  • Discover that your left arm doesn’t synchronize with your right arm jumping rope in cold temps  (maybe it’s all the layers of clothing?)
  • Take 3-4 hours shoveling the snow off the driveway.  What’s the rush?  It’s not like you can go anywhere!
  • Log “snow shoveling” as “weigh lifting” into your daily exercise App
  • Your App gives you kudos “weight lifting”
  • Discover you can still bend with all the ski clothing on
  • Drop to the ground and make snow angels
  • Run 13.1 miles / the “Puppy Love” virtual half marathon on 2/25
  • By mile 8, remember that you haven’t trained on pavement for the last 2 weeks
  • By mile 13.1 realize your running fitness in the cold isn’t the same as other times of the year
  • But somehow….you finished 13.1 miles!
  • Woo ha!!
  • Too tired to celebrate
  • Take a long nap
  • Take an extra recovery day
  • Eat comfort foods
  • Decide to run more
  • Run on an indoor treadmill for 30 minutes
  • Stare at the digital clock the entire 30 minutes
  • OK…indoor treadmill running is not your thing
  • visit your sailboat at the marina…maybe there is still time to sail south??
  • discover it is growing an iceberg
  • your mind wanders to the Titantic
  • shake it off  (the visual, not the iceberg)
  • grab a coffee
  • it is what it is
  • Getting acclimated to cold temperatures
  • 13 degrees isn’t so bad!

    Learn how to move while dressed like the Michelin Man
    Learn how to move while dressed like the Michelin Man
Cat Maudy grows an iceberg in the Baltimore Harbor
Cat Maudy grows an iceberg in the Baltimore Harbor
Comfort foods - yum!!
Comfort foods – yum!!


Puppy Love Half Marathon - 13.1 Mile Run
Puppy Love Half Marathon – 13.1 Mile Run
Preparing for tundra hiking
Preparing for tundra hiking
Even the fox aren't moving much in these temps!
Even the fox aren’t moving much in these temps!

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