Day 3 of the Holiday Challenge: 300 squats

Despite my best efforts, my workday overflowed into my “me time” – forcing my workout to go indoors and pushed late into the afternoon.  Generally that combination would lead to procrastination of my workout for another day.  But I gave myself this challenge to break my thought-ruts for the remainder of 2014 – and knew you would be holding me accountable.

So the next best thing to an outdoor workout — is 1 hour of indoor training on my Elliptigo, which is setup on my trainer.  In the winter, I keep my Elliptigo indoors for workouts during especially cold and snowy days.  In the summer — she gets to ride free and loves to tackle all the hills that bicyclists with fancy pants train.  I can always count on my Elliptigo to get my heart rate humming, while the rest of me turns into a puddle.  Normally – that would be the end of my aerobic workout – but not today.

As I stepped off of my Elliptigo, completely drenched, I wondered “how many Squats I could do in a row”.    Likely not many.  Another thought rut.  Let’s find out.

I surprised myself when I got to 50….and more surprises at 100….maybe there is more….sure enough 150….then 200….then OH seriously there is more?….and then there was 250….and when I looked like there was no end in sight – the mailman arrived just as I reached 300.   So I stopped at 300.   Sweet!   What’s in your personal challenge today?

2 thoughts on “Day 3 of the Holiday Challenge: 300 squats”

    1. Linda you are my inspiration Maestro!

      To do squats without cranky knees — put your fingers on top of your shoulders (this helps keep your shoulders from bending too far forward during the descent), then re-balance yourself so that your weight is in your heels. Keep your weight / pressure on your heels during the descent and rise, and squeeze your bum as you rise back up. Takes the pressure off your knees and front side muscles — for happy knees! Give it a try and I hope it helps!! Jane

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