Say good-bye to the injury gremlins

This week’s long run was scheduled to be a 14 miler – which fits nicely with the Baltimore Running Festival’s Half Marathon.   While the 13.1 mile half marathon is 9 tenths of a mile short of the goal distance — we made up for this fact by including a 6 mile bike trip as part of the commute.  Close enough!

While my fellow marathoner contacts are busy worrying about “don’t get injured” during the taper weeks before marathon day — apparently this vibe has now rubbed off on me.  Suddenly, I’m becoming hyper focused on that lurking injury or accident!   And while the distance of a 13.1 mile event seems “short” — my mind was busy telling me to stay alert!   The injury gremlins, wearing a scary Halloween costume are waiting for me!

emma_finishjane_finishEmma and I — who have been training separately during this marathon training season — have finally hooked up for a joint training run – The Baltimore Half.    We hopped on our urban bicycles for a 3 mile one-way ride along the Baltimore promenade – to reach the Inner Harbor.   After locking up our bicycles, and scanning the extremely long lines for the porta-potties – we opted to just hop into our running corral with the masses of runners.

Apparently I had my weather forecast set to NYC instead of Baltimore.   The temperatures were warmer than I was expecting, and I was completely overdressed – and no layers to remove.  We would be taking today’s run at “marathon pace” – with a goal of remaining injury free.

I found that focusing on staying injury free – attracts all sorts of potential injury situations.   In the first mile, I nearly turned my ankle by stepping into a pothole that was obscured by the runner in front of me.  By mile 7, while waiting for Emma to grab a Gatorade – I turned around to locate her and nearly fell backwards over a curb.    At mile 8 – a man by my side tripped and fell in front of me – resulting in a near miss fall of those around him.  And so it went….until the crowds thinned out at mile 10…and I decided that I had enough of ‘running cautious’.    We finished – injury free – and collected finisher medals for running a distance that was far shorter than our average long training run.  Nice!!

I run, because I love to run.  Not because I’m afraid to get injured.  It’s time to say goodbye to my scary Halloween injury gremlins.   Two more weeks til’ NYC!!!

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