Stoked!!! It’s becoming “real”!!!

Visualizing November 2, 2014….makes the long runs a lot easier!

After watching this video, I can’t wait to be surrounded by my amazing friends and family (Team Sherpa – Paddy, Chuck, Jill & Tamar), run as motha’-daughta team (my NY accent) with Ms. Emma, be inspired by my amazing supporters and honorees via the Ulman Cancer Fund (26.2 for Hope) – in the midst of 50,000+ runners and more spectators than imaginable.  Yep, it’s starting to feel real!  I almost (operative word) want to go out for a 2nd run today!

One thought on “Stoked!!! It’s becoming “real”!!!”

  1. Very cool! You are ready and going to just float along☺ Enjoy every minute of the journey- you deserve it and have worked your booty off to be there. I cannot wait to cheer you on ☺

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