With Tropical Storm Andrea out of sight and out of mind, it was time for some weekend warrior madness.   The TriSistas (Jill, Tami & Jane) departed retail-centric-downtown Bethesda from the paved trail-head – southbound toward DC.  At 7AM, we couldn’t have asked for better weather — overcast skies, no sign of rain, and temperatures in the mid 60’s.  Tami made the mistake of asking me how many miles we were planning to run today.  I thought about putting 10 out for debate, but figured I’d have a better chance of getting buy-in from the sista’s at 8.  Despite some initial grumbling (which I ignored), we opted for an 8 mile run journey along the CCT, at speeds that would allow us to get back to our cars before the Parking Meter police appear.

We took an entire 4 minutes to warm up.  While some might consider the warm-up to be instrumental in getting the muscles ready for some major action – we consider the warm up as our only chat opportunity for the next 8 miles.  The 4 min warm-up includes getting in all conversation, therapy chat and sista talk before we actually started running.  Once running begins, lack of oxygen takes over – and all conversations can be had in 2-3 word sentences.   Something like this:

Tami:  how’s your week?

Jill:  good.  you?

Tami:  good.  Jane?

Jane:  yeah.

And that summed up the run chatter for the next 8 miles.

Back in Bethesda, filling the parking meters with a few quarters and armed with caffeine and bagels, oxygen has once again returned to our lungs, and we prepared for the official run cool-down.  Post run hang time!   TriSista style.  Nice.