Hurricane Sandy Aftermath


It is hard to describe the intensity of Hurricane Sandy – from anchor.   The eerie sounds I’ll never forget.  The sensation of our boat levitating is haunting.  At 40-60 knot winds we weren’t even experiencing the full brunt of what Sandy had to offer.  Thanks to our hurricane hole on Wilton Creek.   Unfortunately, others were experiencing more – and I can’t even fathom their fears.

By 5AM, the sounds of Sandy winds started to change.  Bands of winds sounded more distant…the boat stopped creaking and the sensation of going airborne during particularly strong bands was subsiding.  I want to hope that the worst is over.   I think it is.

It’s a brisk 41 degrees inside of Cat Maudy. Sandy apparently merged with her sister NorEaster – leaving blizzard conditions west of us.  Paddy is making hot drinks for us in the galley – to warm us up.  Soxy, our cat is fine too.  She is body slammed to us 24/7 seeking out heat.  Bottom line…I think we are through the worst….it is still very windy…but we are FINE…all is wonderful actually – especially now that it is daylight!
It is still raining.    I’m not sure it is ever going to stop raining here – as it shows we are still within Sandy’s reach throughout the day.  I am tired beyond belief, but too cold to move.  It is still blowing gale force winds – which now feel like “nothing”.
We hoped that later in the day our marina would allow us to return to dockside.  But no.   They had dock repairs to make.   We spent the day drinking hot tea, hot soup….and still somewhat in shock that we had made it through Hurricane Sandy at anchor.   We would spend another night here.   My feet and hands are numb from the cold…but all is good.

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