Run for d’Rosies — is a Tri-Sista tradition

It’s becoming a tradition. Each year, Emma runs faster….and the rest of the TRI-sista hood runs slower. But it all works out. Emma kept our Tri-Sistahood team scoring high in the ranks of over 450 finishers (6th place for our team), and Jill and I did our darnest to take in the scenery along the Wheaton Regional race course…a little slower.

The 5K race course is a combination of roads, park pathways and off road terrain. Temperatures were rapidly rising, and the high humidity quickly turned your skin into a sponge. With a LOT of runner congestion along many sections of the winding and sometimes narrow course, Emma managed to zoom around the masses of women…and finish with an impressive 8:46 minute mile.

Jill and I didn’t have quite the same luck passing the femme blockades. At least that is the excuse we’re using! Were we supposto TRY to pass them?

Emma finished 12th in her age division (young folks) – which is admirable considering there are many many peeps in her division. Jill and I both finished in the top 10 in our age division of ol’Farts. Woo hoo! Ranking high in age division results…is one of the perks to getting old.

Apres Run is filled with treats (this is WHY we exercise!), consisting of breakfast…and bluegrass entertainment at the Farmer’s Market — in downtown Silver Spring.

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